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Do you want to get married and enjoy a purposeful, productive and peaceful marriage inspite of the horror stories flying around? Are you an aspiring bride? Bride in waiting? Or newly-wed? Then you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Welcome to Polished and Fit.

We have a plethora of courses, resources and coaching programmes to help you navigate the journey of relationships and marriages safely and smoothly leaving you shining and unscathed.

Polished and Fit is a premier Preparatory Academy and Finishing School for the Aspiring Bride, Bride-to-be, and Newlywed instituted to help them prepare for and enjoy life as they embark on their relationship, courtship, and marriage journey on the right foundation.


Meet The Awakener

Fehintoluwa Ademola-Adetuberu is a seasoned speaker, equipper, strategist, kingdom advancer, awakener and transformational global leader. She is the privileged Founder and Lead Coach of Polished and Fit; a premier online preparatory academy and finishing school equipping the Aspiring Bride, Bride to be, Newlywed and Young Families with the right information, relevant trainings and rich resources to empower and help them prepare as they navigate singlehood, relationship, courtship, marriage and family life on the right foundation.

She is also the CEO of The Refinery Resources International, a Business Strategy and Innovation Management company as well as Executive Director and Co-facilitator at The Barricade Executive Protection.

As an awakener, innovator and strategist, she does the work of refining people, catalysing businesses, organizations, and ideas, presenting them at a much higher value than they previously were.

She provides mentorship and training to individuals through the Polished and Fit Preparatory Academy, coaching programmes, and solution-based resources, that are guaranteed to offer relevant preparation for life and marriage, to avoid the need for consistent repairs in the future.

She has personally mentored and provided guidance to hundreds of women and men from different works of life and has served in various leadership capacities for over 15 years and counting.

Fehintoluwa’s core skills are creativity, equipping, innovation, planning, organization, documentation, motivation, training, guiding, effective communication, counselling, discernment, and structuring.


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This Module is our free foretaste module which offers a glimpse into what the entire course entails. This module is guaranteed to shift your thought pattern and give you a fresh perspective on the journey to marital bliss and settlement.


Polished and Fit

Our goal is to empower and support young families and aspiring brides as they navigate singlehood, relationships, courting, marriage, and family life by providing them with the necessary knowledge, training, and tools.




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