Relationship Assessment Template Explorer (R.A.T.E.)


Relationship Assessment Template Explorer (R.A.T.E.)


Have you realized that sometimes, what people are contending with in a relationship is weighing the options between a green flag, yellow flag and a red flag? Should I go ahead? Should I work on it? Can I manage it? Will they change? And lots more.

Has this cross road dilemma happened to you before? Or you have a couple of prospective suitors and you need to decide amongst many options. What will be the defining factors?

While some issues are glaring, some others start out appearing in seed form and so you may not fully understand the impact level of that seed. A warning ‘slap’ because they were upset can have a deeper expression leading to an emergency if excused or swept under the carpet.

Some other times, people plant an apple seed but are expecting to harvest an orange fruit. It rarely works that way.

To make a solid decision, you need to properly analyze what is available to you and see beyond the surface.


This is the reason that I am inviting you to engage with our Relationship Assessment Template Explorer (R.A.T.E.)


This template is your must-have tool for evaluating your current and future relationships.

Assess your relationships using this holistic checklist covering lots of areas like; character, perspectives, habits, behavior patterns and many others.

Eliminate uncertainty, quit the guess-work. This template guides you into clarity in your relationships.



🎯 It saves you time and resources by excluding you from time wasting relationships.

🎯 It gives you recommendations based on the assessment results.

🎯 It helps you to analyze your relationship there by making it easier to decide your next line of action.


🎯 It helps you identify and eliminate time wasters promptly.

🎯 It would awaken you to see the possible future of your relationship and save you from future heartbreaks.

🎯 It helps you separate the nice to have partner from the great to grow with a partner.

🎯 It comes with indicators to show you where your decision is tilting to.

🎯 It helps you see your previous decisions in retrospect. Maybe you left a relationship and you have been feeling guilty and not sure about the decision or maybe even considering a reunion; this evaluation will help you cross check your decision and help you move on armed to make better future choices.


I jokingly call it the end of ‘Lori Iro’ (lie engineering😀😀)



It is for serious minded people who are:

🎯ready for a relationship

🎯already in a relationship

🎯considering a potential

🎯 preparing for the future

🎯contemplating the end of a relationship

🎯reappraising their previous relationship decision

It is open to both gentlemen and ladies.




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