Polished and Fit is a premier Preparatory Academy and Finishing School for the Aspiring Bride, Bride-to-be, and Newlywed instituted to equip them as they prepare for and navigate singlehood, relationship, courtship, and marriage on the right foundation.

It is also a total family life management centre equipping young families with the needed information, strategies, skills and knowledge to manage their family lives effectively.

Our robust teaching curriculum covers various aspects, and excellent learning is aided through our premium faith-based resources which are original, uniquely crafted and draws on divine inspiration, real-life situations, and experiences.

With these, we empower our participants with the right information that prepares them ahead to handle their own life's experiences as they come, thereby minimizing or fully eliminating avoidable damages that will need to be repaired.

Polished and Fit launched its operations officially on the 31st of March 2020 and through our various expressions, we have directly served over 250 queens from 5 continents, over 22 cities & nations worldwide including Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia, Ireland, Pennsylvania, Dallas Texas, Montreal, Alberta, Boston, Vancouver, Ghana, Angola, Paris, Winnipeg, California, UK, Lome, Kingsville Texas, Newcastle and still counting.

We have received loads of heart-warming testimonials from our graduate Queens, some of whom have gone on to regain their singlehood with purpose, some are maximizing and enjoying productive relationships, others are now married and thriving, and the already married ones are making blissful progress in their marriages.


Fehintoluwa Ademola-Adetuberu is a seasoned speaker, equipper, strategist, kingdom advancer, awakener and transformational global leader. She is the privileged Founder and Lead Coach of Polished and Fit; a premier online preparatory academy and finishing school equipping the Aspiring Bride, Bride to be, Newlywed and Young Families with the right information, relevant trainings and rich resources to empower and help them prepare as they navigate singlehood, relationship, courtship, marriage and family life on the right foundation.

She is also the CEO of The Refinery Resources International, a Business Strategy and Innovation Management company as well as Executive Director and Co-facilitator at The Barricade Executive Protection.

As an awakener, innovator and strategist, she does the work of refining people, catalysing businesses, organizations, and ideas, presenting them at a much higher value than they previously were.

She provides mentorship and training to individuals through the Polished and Fit Preparatory Academy, coaching programmes, and solution-based resources, that are guaranteed to offer relevant preparation for life and marriage, to avoid the need for consistent repairs in the future.

She has personally mentored and provided guidance to hundreds of women and men from different works of life and has served in various leadership capacities for over 15 years and counting.

Fehintoluwa’s core skills are creativity, equipping, innovation, planning, organization, documentation, motivation, training, guiding, effective communication, counselling, discernment, and structuring.

She is a graduate of Industrial Chemistry, a Certified Media Presenter from PEFTI Film Institute, as well as Certified Management Consultant trained and accredited from the Centre for Management Development (CMD), a U.S Certified Marriage Mentor and Relationship Coach, a U.S Certified Marriage and Family Counsellor (MFCC) and a Mental Health and Addiction Counsellor (CMHAC)

Her speaking engagements have included the NHN Meet and Greet 2020 virtual session, The Whole Woman Conference of Ladies Aflame 2020, NHN book club live, NHN 4TH Anniversary in 2021 for the war room, NHN special singles' session on clubhouse, and CBN Africa (700 Club Abuja) feature as a panelist, among other fruitful engagements.


She was recently acknowledged with an award as one of the inspiring women of 2022 by the NHN War room platform for her contribution to the growth and development of other women.

She has been married for over nine years to her purpose partner and they are blessed with three graceful sons.


To be the leading preparatory institution catalysing the most Purposeful, Productive and Peaceful marriages in the world by equipping the purpose partners with all the relevant information, knowledge, and strategies required to navigate the different seasons of their marital journey – singlehood, relationship, courtship, wedding, marriage and family life.


Equipping the Aspiring Bride, Bride to be, Newlywed and young families with the right information, relevant trainings and rich resources to empower and help them prepare as they navigate singlehood, relationship, courtship, marriage and family life on the right foundation.


  • Foundation alignment with faith-based principles
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Relatability and practicality
  • Detailed insight and understanding
  • Consistent growth journey
  • Leadership by example
  • Spiritual consciousness


  • Preparing those embarking on the relationship and marriage journey.
  • Enriching those already on the family life journey.


  • Enlighten
  • Equip
  • Empower
  • Enrich

OUR RESULTS (Learning Outcomes)

During the period of enrolment, our participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, emotion management and relationship management leading to readiness spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, relationally, and physically.

After working with us, we often see queens emerge; some of whom have gone on to regain their singlehood with purpose, some others are maximizing and enjoying their productive relationships, while the others are now married and thriving, and the already married are making massive progress with loads of heart-warming reviews of their experience.



Wondering how we got the name?

PSALMS 144:12 KJV That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace.


2 TIMOTHY 2:21 AMPC So whoever cleanses himself [from what is ignoble and unclean, who separates himself from contact with contaminating and corrupting influences] will [then himself] be a vessel set apart and useful for honourable and noble purposes, consecrated and profitable to the Master, fit and ready for any good work.

There you have it.

Polished and Fit


  • Prepare more than repair.
  • Polished and Fit; transforming generations, one home after another.
  • Preparing purpose partners for blissful family life experience.




Happy Clients


Students Enrolled


Complete Courses



Over the years, I have been interested in progressive relationships and family life. I noticed that I wanted marriages to excel and do well and this made me to constantly give relevant resources that could help people through their processes. I gave books, links, counsel and so much more at no cost.

I organized loads of bridal and baby showers and even had this signature email I sent to my loved ones when they were getting married on maximizing their wedding night and it was always a beautiful thing to see their amazing feedbacks.

Sometime in 2018, after I had my second son, I spoke to an older woman about her starting something for younger women and was ready to design and structure it all for her, but she was not interested or seeing what I was so passionate about.

I even spoke to someone else about creating a resource for couples to be in line with the services she rendered but she also was not interested in that line, little did I know that my desire for progress in this area was my driving force.

One of those random days in 2019, I was just thinking through the many mistakes some ladies I observed were making concerning relationships and I did not want to communicate with each person, so I organized this fun filled online talk show with all of them addressing different aspects of relationships and marriage.

After a while, most of the ladies wanted their friends to join in but it was a closed private group and I thought of extending the sessions to their loved ones which led to a series of deep thoughts, prayers, research, studies, and lots more.

I was randomly meditating when I had this strong nudge to create a solution for those ladies instead of complaining and this led to the birth of this amazing preparatory academy with the inspired name POLISHED AND FIT.

The mandate was clear to focus on preparation rather than constantly repairing and with this clarity I went on to birth this online preparatory academy dedicated to equipping the Aspiring Bride, Bride to be, Newlywed and young families with the right information, relevant trainings and rich resources to empower and help them prepare as they navigate singlehood, relationship, courtship, marriage and family life on the right foundation where we have graduated several polished queens from around the world.

Some of whom are married already and thriving, with their husbands strongly benefiting from the entire experience and raising a new generation of global influencers who are enjoying purposeful, productive and peaceful marriages.

Speaking with a couple of them and seeing their delight gives me an unusual fulfilment. I would love you to be the next testimonial we will be sharing. Super excited that I get to steward this great assignment and so I welcome you to this awakening experience.

THE POLISHED AND FIT EFFECT (What happens to queens who engage with our resources)

When you engage with Polished and Fit, we do these 10 things to you:
  • Renew your mind
  • Redefine your season
  • Review your strategies
  • Reassess your possibilities
  • Repackage your presentation
  • Reconnect you with your purpose and vision
  • Recharge your passion for God
  • Realign your direction with God’s GPS
  • Reshape your perspective about relationship and marriage
  • Restore you to God’s plan and wisdom
  • Spiritual Preparation
  • Emotional Preparation
  • Mental Preparation
  • Financial Preparation
  • Relational/ Social Preparation
  • Physical Preparation


  • We have answers to a lot of questions in the heart of most ladies (our emerging polished queens) who are just tired of winging it and really want to get it right, ready to follow practical principles and embrace enviable results.
  • We help clarify situations that seem entangled using faith-based principles guaranteed to produce results in the world we live in today.
  • We prepare you for a purposeful singlehood, purposeful relationship and peaceful marriage.
  • We keep it real and fun.
  • Our clients are important to us and we are personally invested in the peace and joy of everyone we come in contact with. We are not just an academy, we are family.
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