Simple but powerful truths

It has been an amazing time of learning for me. The course is worth the money, and I can personally recommend other polished brides to this course. The audio is very clear, our coach was very audible and practical.

Simple but powerful truths were taught here. Each module carries its own wisdom. I had a wonderful learning experience.

One truth that struck me in module 1 is; I shouldn’t expect my husband to meet all my needs. Look up to God as my one and only source, not my husband. This will make me be responsible and trust God, rather than out pressure on my spouse. Also, develop a relationship with the holy spirit. He is there to teach me everything I need to know.

The Marriage Preparatory Course has been super amazing. The courses are very organized, easy to access and listen to, even after a long time. I registered for the course after my Introduction. The course opened my eyes to a lot of things: planning my wedding (both traditional and white), simple things like packing my honeymoon bags, packing my wedding boxes and carrying extra pair of things like jewelries which couldn’t have crossed my mind if not for this course.

And most importantly, the spicy wedding night😁 (I deliberately listened to this module a week to my wedding). It prepared me for the wedding night. Even in my matrimonial home, the effect of the course is at work.

I registered for one course and I gained a lot. I wonder what will happen when I take all the courses. I know that it will be an all-round transformation for me.

I will definitely register for other courses subsequently, and I highly recommend the polished bride preparatory course to every bride and bride to be out there. You won’t regret at all. Thank you very much ma’am for your investment in my life.

Also, my husband is also grateful that I took the course. He usually mentions that there is a huge difference between the me “now” and the me “before I took the course”: In terms of independence from men and total dependence on God and in the way I treat him😊


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