Every dime was worth it

To The Awakener,

One of the biggest things I amthankful to God about is that I had you from the beginning of my process and then along the line Polished and Fit was announced.

Truth is at that time, I was a bit reluctant because every kobo was budgeted for at the time but I closed my eyes and went for it. Today, I stand here to say every dime was worth it.

All my life I had heard about things you shouldn’t do and then when it was time to do those things, no one sat me down to say; now that you are here this is how to do it.

The course modules were practical enough to help me with:

-preparing for my big day the type of clothes, building a team, venues and relating with vendors.

– becoming a Bridezilla wasn’t my thing because I had been taught and walked through that process in my head over and again.

Prior to that day I had packed a whole box that had all I needed those two days for each outfits and more so, I had everything figured out.

– fast forward to the all anticipated first night, the course outline had a list of things to prepare with and the necessary state of mind needed.

I wasn’t nervous as I had been taught and yes we were tired, so we let it slide till we were ready and prepared, trust me when the time came, it was a beautiful fun moment because I had wings to rest on.

It has since been an amazing process learning, relearning and unlearning. I anticipate the next session.

Take home: In a world where we are only told what not to do and never what to do and how to go about them we need to mount the wings of Eagles like The Awakener through Polished and Fit who has let down their wings for us not to fly but soar for better results.

Truth is no one can better explain these sessions like The Awakener herself and then you get to have a first-hand experience for yourself with the information from the classes. Many thanks to Polished and Fit. Many more thanks to The Awakener.

Do I say that I blew hubby away back to back and when he asked where I learnt from; of course I learnt from the best. The very best❤❤❤


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