Can They Watch You Win?

Mrs Stella (not her real name), in the bid to improve on herself and achieve one if her life goals, decided to go for her PHD and everything for it was set.

But guess what? Her husband stood in the way as an adversary telling her that she can ‘NEVER’ get her PHD before him. That she should rather forget the dream until he is ready for his before she can consider hers.

She went ahead to get her PHD and recently graduated.

What started out like a joke, became major because he started keeping malice with her and eventually said they should be separated that he could not stand it.

They are not young at all. One of their daughters will be getting married soon and so the conversation came up. He has always been that way but this time it escalated.

One of the reasons you need to know who you are with, is that mind-sets are strong holds that are difficult to demolish.

It is important that you ask vital questions and watch out for how a potential partner responds. Do not be drunk in love that you forget to speak about what truly matters.

Fine dining is not enough. You are not marrying their height and complexion; you are marrying all that they are. Be wise.

Entering marriage with a blind fold is a bad idea. Sharpen your discernment.

Prepare more than repair.

FT The Awakener

Polished and Fit.

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