Don’t Get Used To Dysfunction

When dysfunction has been normalized, you will be wondering if something is wrong that for 3 days straight, the light did not blink or go off (when you keep having power outage). If you know, you know.

Even me e shock me.. We were wondering if the person in charge of it had an ‘issue’ or travelled.

May our new experiences be far from the damage from our past.

It is also the same way with relationships, if you have been used to abusive, toxic, unhealthy relationships, a good relationship will seem fake to you.

Even when it is happening for good to others around you, you will keep saying; don’t over trust people. Good things don’t last etc. Your suspicion quotient will be super high.

The relationship is not the problem. You need to experience a new way of life.

It will definitely take some getting used to.

I went somewhere with hubby recently for a purchase and the owner of the business place kept asking if he stayed in Nigeria and if he was fine because of how he made sure I was comfortable all the way during the purchase.


Keep soaring.

FT The Awakener.

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