God When Vs God Which One

On this relationship journey, understand that we are all at different seasons.

While someone may not need a relationship this season, someone else maybe trying to weigh their options and opportunities.

If you are probably in a ‘situationship’ or your relationship status reads it’s complicated because there are certain signs you are observing but not too sure what to make of it, there is a way out.

Sometimes, away from the noise, ask yourself deep questions.

For example

Can this person relate with a higher version of me?


Do they have insecurities that will make them prefer me not evolving?

What are they doing in this season to accommodate my growth? Do you hear things like ‘you are too ambitious’ or they are cheering you on to go for more.

You probably have heard people say things like, you have ‘changed’ (especially when you are working on yourself and reinventing yourself for more).

Hello!!! we are not supposed to be in the same state year in year out. We ought to keep growing and evolving.

So if you have ever wondered about what to do to confirm if the choice you are making concerning a partner is a great move or an abort mission move especially if you have been considering someone lately and you are not in a place of total decisiveness, I may have a great solution for you.

Will you be interested in it? It comes with indicators and a score grade system. Let me know your thoughts. Team God When or Team God which one?

Steady rooting for you.

FT The Awakener

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