I Am Of Age

That you are of age doesn’t mean you are ready for marriage because desire is different from preparation.

Some people’s only hope to have a healthy Marriage is that they have a great body and that is sufficient. See, the weapons for winning are not carnal.

It’s just like saying you want to build a 20 storey building with a self-contained foundation. It will be an epic fall.

Get the right skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in a healthy Marriage by enrolling at the POLISHED AND FIT PREPARATORY ACADEMY.

It is your one stop preparatory academy for the hopeful bride, bride to be and newlywed to prepare more than repair as they embark on their relationship, courtship and marriage journey on the right foundation.

We go rough am is not a smart plan.

Through wisdom a house is built not through guess work.

It will be my greatest delight to hold your hands through this phase of your life.

Your marriage is as great as the quality of the individuals in the Marriage.

Get it right from the foundation.

Prepare more than repair.

FT The Awakener

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