Let’s Talk Foundations

A foundation is the part of the building you mostly don’t see but it is needed all through the existence of the building.

How are you starting your relationship, courtship, and marriage? Is your foundation, right?

Are you hoping to build a sky scrapper marriage? Awesome! But please is the foundation commensurate?

Are you using a self-contained foundation to carry 25 floors building?


Please don’t add another brick to the relationship and marriage that you are building, until you get your foundation right.

Please, don’t pick aso-ebi colour, get the foundation right first.

Please, don’t start wedding planning first, get the foundation right.

Please, don’t dream about your first kiss 💋💋, get the foundation right.

Please don’t match your name with his yet, get the foundation right.

Please, don’t think about beautiful kids your potential partner will make with you, get the foundation right.

Please, don’t be excited about pre-wedding photoshoot, get the foundation right first.

If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do?

Ensure that you build the right foundation first before anything else.


Most problems that show up later in marriage came from a faulty foundation.

A good foundation is a good starting point.

You need help with laying the right foundation for your relationship, courtship, or marriage, then you need to engage with our resources at Polished and Fit.

I take you from clearing the ground to setting a solid foundation to eventually building the marriage of your dreams. Want to know how?

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Prepare more than repair is the code.

Steady rooting for you.

Keep soaring.

FT, The Awakener.

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