Relationship Lessons From A Car Dealer Shop

I recently had the opportunity to visit some car shops for a project and I had the opportunity to see the ‘xray/vin ‘ of certain cars and this scripture (your works shall be tried on fire) came alive.

Thankfully, I did not go alone for the project. Our project coordinator called another professional car dealer to go along with us and there was also a professional car fixer and I am still shocked about the findings.

For some, the moment they saw it, they will say this was sprayed or upgraded.

Some of these cars looked clean and attractive. However, the professionals had a machine to see the life journey of the cars (the vin);

Some they adjusted the mileage

Some have had very major accidents but they sprayed and dressed it up

Some had a minor accident and the engine was not affected.

Some others had no air bag ahhh, not even one and also no catalyst. (The car looked fine, good offer externally)

Some deep damages, some minor.

The moment there was a deeper investigation, everything hidden came out openly.

When the sales man was giving all the good qualities of the vehicles, I was nodding and I said let the work be tried in ‘fire’

Shining and attractive, until it came under the machine the invisible portions were seen.

Imagine if we went without wisdom and professional guidance.

It’s the same way with relationships, we see someone and we start ‘falling in love’ without any form of work done.

When you see a potential partner or someone you are liking, don’t rush to conclude about them. They may just be sprayed and dressed up. Never invest your emotions until you have investigated. It is one of the ways to avoid being served breakfast with cold ‘sobo’(Slang for break up)

One thing you want to build before starting a relationship is discernment. It’s a non-negotiable. People will do better in their relationships if they have the right knowledge, attitude and skills to make it thrive.

A good place to start will be taking our free module from the academy. It will give you light as you start your journey. Don’t enter another relationship blindly without getting adequate help from us at Polished and Fit. Here to make your preparatory journey go well.

Keep soaring.


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