Weekend Funtime

Dear Newlywed, what is your plan for this weekend?

Will it be another round of fights, silent treatment, heavy outbursts of anger or will you be intentional about how productive the weekend will be for you?

See growth is a process. It never happens overnight. When I see us (my husband and I), all I see is growth. We are definitely not where we started .

This weekend, choose a different approach to everything.

Guess what? You can;

  • Make it a date weekend. It may have been a while you went out to have a good time together. Plan one for the weekend.
  • Have a prayer date. Yes oo, drive out together and pray together. It is one part of my marriage I enjoy alot. We started that practice way before marriage.
  • Play indoor or outdoor games together.
  • Gist together with no phone interruptions.
  • Win souls together. Yes go for evangelism.
  • Schedule some spicy hot bedroom oza room ‘meetings’. You have been claiming to be busy all week, not this weekend o, no excuse. Try something new in the bedroom
  • Try a new recipe.
  • Write love letters to each other.
  • Be intentionally grateful to each other. List various things you are grateful for.
  • Dance together.
  • Put a smile on someone’s face.

Everything can be different if you choose a different approach and be determined to see a different result. Do something new.

Did you find this helpful?

Which one will you be doing this weekend?

Marriage does not have to be a war zone. Make yours work by investing into it. If you are yet to take our signature course on Navigating the woods – Early Years Marriage wisdom for newlyweds, you should jump in already. (link to register for course here)

Keep soaring.

FT The Awakener.

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