When Polished And Fit Started

When I started out with Polished and Fit, it was at a season that I felt an urgency in my spirit to create preparatory solutions for family life.

I had a level of clarity to begin but then, it did not start out with one big blue print but I kept following as I was inspired.

Today, Polished and Fit has grown to impact different lives from around the world.

Every time I read a review, I am always stunned.

I once read a review that I am absolutely in love with.

What stands it out for me is the fact that this queen is not just learning alone but taking action.

I never get used to see the transformation taking place one generation after another because everyone who evolves through this academy will in turn contribute positively to their generation.

I am so glad that I yielded to this assignment and grateful to God for entrusting me with His wisdom.

Have you taken any of our courses yet? Why postpone your transformation further? Start today.

Click the sign up link today.

Steady rooting for you.

FT The Awakener.

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