Beware Of Lori Iro Relationships (Lie based relationships)

Are these lines familiar?

I will die for you…..Lori Iro

I will give you ‘anything’ you want…….Lori Iro. Only God is in that class.

If you love me, you will help my body calm down and don’t worry I will marry you as the reward for ‘satisfying’ me ahead of time….Lori Iro

If I don’t ‘bang’ (have sex)today, something will happen to me….Lori Iro.

Marriage is overrated…..Lori Iro

I don’t need counseling before I get married, I go rough am…..Lori Iro

He beat me because he was angry and I am sure he did not mean it. I believe I can cope; I don’t mind going to fix my face from time to time in the hospital….Lori Iro

I wish I met you before my wife.. Lori Iro

Just be my baby mama and I will take care of you as per baby making machine…..Lori Iro.

We don’t need to define our relationship so long as we flow, we can assume we are in a relationship until someone’s invite for wedding comes out and there’s hot tears, Lori iro.

If you scrub toilet, do all the laundry, pound yam for 64 people as per wife material, buy what you cannot afford when you get to your in-laws to be, they will give you entry visa instantly…Lori Iro.

Have you fallen for a Lori Iro guy or situation before and after a while, you received a slap of common sense?

What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard from someone trying to scope you? Feel free to share.

Dear Polished Queen, when it comes to identifying pitfalls in relationships, there are things you need to understand.

When it comes to getting married, there are principles that guide the process. You can get it right from the start.

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Prepare more than repair.

FT The Awakener.

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