Red Sign Boards

Recently, a situation was brought to my attention to solve and it was screaming RED SIGN BOARDS not just flags.

So this beautiful lady is currently in a relationship with this man from a faith different from hers.

She has been having concerns about their relationship and settling down as they are both of different faiths.

He has this other lady that is in constant conversation with him usually very ‘personal conversations’ but he says ‘it is nothing’.

He has also raised up the fact that they are both of different faiths and it looks like no party is willing to move to the faith of the other. She is not willing and he is not willing either.

They are still trying to ‘see how it goes’.

She does not know ‘much’ about his family while she is an orphan and does not have as much support.

What do you think someone like this should do? Now situations like this, is part of the reason, our assessment template (R.A.T.E.) was designed. You do not need a prophet sometimes. You can see clearly if you can pause and analyze where you are honestly.

If you are in a ‘situationship’ like this lady and not sure of what to do, please do yourself the favour of purchasing our Relationship Assessment Template Explorer (R.A.T.E.)

It’s an eye-opening assessment guide to help you see where you are and be awakened to make informed decisions.

Prepare more than repair.

Not every war is necessary. What you can avoid, don’t embrace.

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